How Much is a Brow Wax?

Okay people, I had the absolute best brow wax today. I really had given up on paying to wax my brows as every person that has ever done my brows has been slowly destroying them. One looked different form the other, they were getting really thin and just ugly. I have not had a brow wax in 6 months!!! I cannot even believe that myself, but i really had to just start over and let them grow back in. Okay so I looked like monkey girl for a while but hair is in right? No? Who cares.

Anyway, so I headed over to the Alkemy salon and I was lucky enough to have the owner, Teresa, fix me right up. And I could not believe how cheap it was. I mean this is a lovely, intimate, luxurious spa. You guys, it was only $16! I was amazed since I know they can go as high as $60 in Central Florida. Then a friend of mine said she gets hers done for $8. Well, I have been that route and never again. These brows need a true professional and I am willing to pay the price of a lunch once a month to look great. Am I out of touch?

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