Aspartame Almost Killed it Sweet Misery?

This is such an important movie. The complete Sweet Misery Documentary can be viewed in its entirety but this will give you a sample of the information on toxic aspartame. The entire Sweet Misery Documentary is an hour long so take time to watch it when you are free for a bit. I have to get the word out about the horrible things that happen when we consume too much Aspartame or consume it for too long. We need to wake up. This is not a group on the fringe of people who are freaks. These are doctors, scientists and every day normal people who have become aware of the way Aspartame kills. Check your gum, jello, pharmaceuticals and over 9000 products. You guys, if Aspartame is not affecting you yet, it will. From the the tomb...Aspartame is killing us.  It almost killed me.

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