Aspartame Is Safe!

Never thought I would say that huh? This article (click on the title above) by John E. Garst. Ph.D., is very interesting. Dr. Garst feels that a folic acid deficiency in 30% of (Caucasians) people leave them susceptible to illness and possible reactions to aspartame. This would explain why some people experience effects from aspartame while others do not. I swear though that I was still on my prenatal vitamins (which have 1000 mcg of folic acid) when I suffered from what I feel was methanol poisoning from aspartame consumption. Maybe I was not. I really have a hard time remembering much of anything anymore. It drives me crazy. Anyway, if Dr. Garst is correct and people have folate deficiencies and not reactions to aspartame, this is incredible. I want more info now!!! What are the implications? Could a warning be placed on aspartame products? Who else is studying this? Could any studies be done with humans?

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  1. Hello Shane, you posted on my blog a couple of days ago about aspartame. I have read a couple stories similar to yours, about people, children and adults becoming ill from aspartame poisoning. There is a long list on diseases that aspartame poisoning mimics, have you brought this up to any doctors? But, I do not believe it is safe for the average human, and it is definitely unsafe for people with PKU. A lot of food products now containing aspartame, which is 50 percent phenylalanine will contain a warning label. You can check this out on certain breathe mints and what not.
    I read an account of a 3 year old girl who got aspartame poisoning through her daily vitamins. She was hospitalized for months before anyone figured it out, she will need special care for the rest of her life :( This product is really dangerous.
    Thank you for commenting on my blog, it is much appreciated and feel free to share more about your story, any other products or things I should be aware of or make my family and friends aware.
    Be well.


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