Trans-Fat...The Most Dangerous Fat

According to CNN's Dr Sanjay Gupta, "one study found that only 5 grams of trans-fat per day (about as much as is in an order of fries) can increase your risk of heart disease by 25%."! California, Puerto Rico, Boston, New York City and other cities have banned trans-fats in their restaurants. I remember a few years ago when my friends would laugh at me when I talked about the dangers of partially hydrogenated fats...kind of like some of my so called friends just waiting for me to drop over from MS as they just cannot believe that I became ill from Aspartame. Whether it was a folic acid genetic deficiency or just aspartame, our bodies are complex and we are ingesting things our bodies cannot process effectively. Our bodies are overloading, our children are suffering. People just do not get it. Everyone is asleep. Please wake up and warn your neighbors...become informed and do not just assume "someone" is looking out for you and your family.

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