Healthy sperm: Improving your fertility

Your lifestyle and your exposure to certain environmental factors may affect your sperm and your fertility. Here are some things to boost your sperm quality and improve your fertility.
Do your sperm pass muster? Despite several months of effort, you and your partner haven't yet conceived. You're not ready to seek a fertility evaluation, but you might be wondering whether you're doing all you can to make sure you have healthy sperm.

To view the entire article please click on the post above. This information comes from the Mayo Clinic of which I am not a huge fan. They have a very narrow view of various environmental health topics; very Western and dare I say commercialized. Nonetheless, I went through my own issues with conceiving and, as a result, did extensive research about what makes sperm viable. I find this information to be good. I especially like that the Mayo Clinic is finally (as in my research they had not in the past) viewing environmental toxins as the serious threat to our health and very survival that they are.
Thirteen years ago when trying to get pregnant, I discovered early research about synthetic hormones that are given off as Saran Wrap is heated in a microwave causing hormone disruption and resulting infertility in men. Back then whenever I told anyone abut this, they looked at me like I had two heads. Fast forward 12 years and Bisphenol A and its hormone disrupting damage is finally being taken seriously...perhaps even by the FDA...although I will believe it when I see it. Now, thankfully, people are listening and becoming informed.
We as a society are not scientists. We do not have to wait until every single organization's individual studies have been proven scientifically accurate or not and wait until scientists hash it out. You see that could take too long as the majority of the studies (it seems) are backed by various organizations with a financial stake in the outcome of the study. Is it truly a good idea to take the research done by a scientist on the payroll of the Polycarbonate/BPA Global Group as blind fact? You and I can make precautionary decisions based upon solid scientific evidence from all of the studies...or just one. It's our choice. This is our health and the health of our environment at stake. It's time to stop waiting for someone else to protect it by telling us what we should believe or not believe.

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