One in Three Children's Toys Tested by Found to have Significant Levels of Toxins Like Lead, Flame Retardants, and Arsenic

Thistle Blocks were shown to contain high levels of lead and arsenic, according to a report published on

Some Products on Shelves this Holiday Season Will be Illegal to Sell in February!
This is such important info for this time of year! I just went through my house and tossed out so many toys. I know it is hard, but we need to gently help our parents, who tend to have a lot of toys (old and new) around for their grand kids kids to play with begin to understand the dangers and check out their toys. There is a nifty little widget for checking the lead level of toys on my blog. It can be very helpful when purchasing gifts for children. Do not let this information overwhelm you. Read the article above (by clicking on the title) and do what you can to eliminate toxic toys. Like my husband says when I complain that he let the kids have soda (stocked full of high fructose corn syrup),"Well at least they are not ingesting nearly as much as they were a few years ago!" He is right, even small steps will make a difference in the overall health of your family and our world. Just work on being open to getting informed about environmental health and making it through the days and this crazy world...your health will improve in baby steps. Awareness paves the way to action!

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