Cornelia Franz, M.D. is a Pediatrician Who Offers Non-Traditional Approach to Vaccine Schedule...If You Are in Orlando You Are In Luck with The Franz Center!

If you live in Central Florida and are looking for a Pediatrician who will work with you on a non-traditional approach to the vaccine schedule, The Franz Center is your answer! Click on the picture above for a link to the Franz Center Website. Dr. Franz has been listed in Orlando Magazine as one of the Finest Physicians in Orlando for the past 6 years.

The Franz Center, founded in 1993, specializes in traditional and non-traditional medicine; including homeopathy, massage, craniosacral therapy and Chinese Medicine. Their goal is, "To empower the lives we touch through education of mind, body, and spirit".

My girls love the center and I feel at home there knowing that my thoughts on non-traditional approaches to health care are accepted, discussed and appreciated.  These folks know their stuff!

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