Toxin Alert: Mercury Found in High Fructose Corn Syrup

The online journal Environmental Health published a study yesterday showing that 9 out of 20 processed food products were contaminated with mercury.I have become so accustomed to learning about dangerous chemicals in our environment that I am deaf to the alarm bells. This study, however, rang loud and clear to me.We’ve all heard about the high levels of mercury in swordfish, shark, salmon and tuna. We wondered if Broadway Actor Jeremy Piven were really suffering from mercury poisoning from sushi or if he were just trying to get out of an ill-chosen acting job. We exhaled with relief as mercury was taken out of vaccines, even though doctors insisted the preservative wasn’t a danger to the fragile, growing brains of babies and toddlers. And the label-readers among us have known for a long time about the health debacle called high fructose corn syrup (HFCS), a highly processed sweetening agent that is made from engineered corn on the cheap.
The HFCS isn’t labeled “Made with mercury,” just like contaminated pet foods, chocolates and other products have not been labeled “Made with melamine.” Under current [FDA] regulations, that information is not made available to either consumers or to companies further down the food supply chain.--"Not So Sweet: Missing Mercury and High Fructose Corn Syrup," Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy (
The IATP did their own testing which found mercury in HFCS products that are marketed to children. The mercury was found in trusted brands, such as Quaker’s, Yoplait, Smucker’s, Kraft and Nutri-Grain.If you’ve been unconvinced that a little HFCS is bad for your kids, I hope this post will persuade you once and for all. The FDA is in denial about the contaminants poisoning our children. Get involved; ask your congressperson why the FDA is not protecting our children from I.Q.-lowering mercury.

By: Kathleen Byrne, N.Y. School Examiner

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