Jett Travolta's death: Toxic cause?

The cause of death of 16-year-old Jett Travolta, son of John Travolta and wife Kelly Preston, will not be known pending the results of autopsy. The family has long since maintained that their first-born had suffered from Kawasaki disease, a not well-understood condition that was not identified until 1967 by Dr. Tomisaku Kawaski of Japan. The disease is so difficult to diagnose because, according to Wikipedia, "There exists no specific laboratory test that can tell if someone has it."Per a Children's Hospital Boston / Harvard Medical school information page on the disease, "Some studies have found associations between the occurrence of Kawasaki disease and recent exposure to carpet cleaning or residence near a body of stagnant water; however, cause and effect have not been established.""Exposure to carpet cleaning" i.e., chemicals, environmental causes of illness, compounds either natural or synthetic, toxins in our environment: what a can of worms to open!
Kelly Preston had worked tirelessly to monitor her home for chemicals as a safety measure to protect her children.So many allergies and illnesses are attributed to "unknown" causes when studies have suggested environmental pollution, exposure or poisoning as legitamate areas for scrutiny. Some NGOs in the health arena are concentrated solely on cure or treatment or genetics or other causes, not industrial in nature.
Many cancers including breast cancer are blamed (in the opinion of some) on everything but industrial chemicals and the like.Paraphrasing one outspoken activist, Barbara Brenner of Breast Cancer Action, "Eat a low-fat diet, exercise, get mammograms and if you develop cancer, get chemo and wear a pink ribbon.
In the meantime the experts will ignore any possible connection between the environment, corporate pollution and women's health."Some argue, of course, that chemical sensitivity is all-in-your mind and that "yuppie syndrome" (Chronic Fatigue) does not exist. Some still maintain that smoking does not cause lung cancer.
This environmental debate rivals that over climate change.
We have added to our lives so many pesticides, solvents, drugs and other chemical compounds that effect us in ways we cannot know.The fact is, rare diseases are becoming less rare. Kawasaki disease is found most often in Japan. The second-most prevalent country in which Kawasaki disease is diagnosed is the USA.
There is an upside and a downside to every techological advance. That should never be forgotten nor hidden for the sake of profit, convenience or expediency.We all share the sorrow of the Travolta family in connection to the loss of their son. We should share their concern, also.

January 2, 7:09 PM
by Harry Osibin, Sacramento Environmental News Examiner

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