Autism Vaccine Ruling a Set Up

By: Shane Shirley-Smith
WASHINGTON, D.C. - Some are calling today's ruling a "boost" for advocates of early childhood vaccines, I call it a set up. Special Masters (an integral part of the government's, complicated Vaccine Compensation Program) at the U.S. Court of Federal Claims decided that autism is not being caused by the routine shots.

Well I might go along with that as it was most definitely the one and only shot with the Thimerasol (mercury) that caused the autism right? It was the MMR vaccine and not all of the routine shots, right? But wait, we took the Thimerasol out of the MMR right? Yes we did. Guess what? According to the FDA website, less than 1 microgram of mercury per dose (remaining from the manufacturing process) is still in the Hep-A, Diptheria-Tetanus, Meningitis; more than 1 microgram is in many of the Flu shots we give to pregnant women, nursing mothers and babies. You see, the more than 5500 families went about this lawsuit all wrong. They should have had their children screened for Mitochondrial Disease.

Now look, I am just a mom with a very inquisitive mind, a father who contracted a chronic neurological disease from a Hep-B vaccine and woman who had the scariest time in my life when I was ingesting too much Aspartame. But I know this, when the Special Masters ruled on the Hannah Poling case last year, what some may not have understood is that the government ruled that it was her pre-existing Mitochondrial Disease which left her open to the nine vaccinations she had in one day. They drew a very fine line in the sand which cannot be traced back to the vaccines alone. Their conclusion; science shows no preponderance of evidence linking autism to vaccinations. Nice set up. But you know what? I think they are right.

You see this all gets very complicated but suffice to say, our babies in the womb and our children are being assaulted by toxins which are causing oxidative stress which in turn causes mitochondrial problems which in turn can leave people susceptible to more toxins and illness. Whew. People predisposed to mitochondrial disease are open to all types of illness; many times without knowing it. You see it is never just the vaccinations. Think about it, why are so many kids seemingly fine after their shots?

Well look at the increase in asthma,diabetes and ADHD in our children and you might disagree that most children are fine. But it is never just one vaccine without some pre-existing known or unknown genetic condition or environmental exposures to toxins which leaves them open to autism. The government agrees and is pursuing more research. For once, the process seems to be working. We need to find the actual link to autism and in the process we may unlock the key to other illness.

What we do know now is to NEVER VACCINATE AN EVEN SLIGHTLY ILL CHILD! That child could be open to toxic overload because of a weakened immune system and some genetic predisposition.

In the Hazlehurst vs. Secretary of Health and Human Services case, special master Patricia Campbell-Smith wrote, "...the combination of the thimerosal-containing vaccines and the MMR vaccine are not causal factors in the development of autism..."

Although the rulings released today cover only a small fraction of the 5500 cases, this does obviously make it difficult for tne others to proceed unless they change their strategy.

A spokeswoman for the Autism Society of America called on society to offer more support to parents of children with autism regardless of what caused the developmental disability. Marguerite Kirst Colston also called for more research.
"We should," she said, "also be looking at environmental toxins such as pesticides, waterbourne toxins, and toxins in cleaning agents [as possible causes of autism]."


  1. Great Information!

    A few years ago I would have dismissed your blog as just writings of another well meaning alarmist. I am happy to say that I appreciate what you are doing here.

    I am not sure we can blame vaccines for autism exclusively as our children are inundated with toxins from every angle from the time of conception. I do think that there are enough suspicions that we should not so easily dismiss them as having no possible risk.

    Many things that are beneficial to most carry risk and I cannot advocate not immunizing children but we certainly need to work to find better alternatives.

    The problem is that vaccines are a commodity item and the profit margins do not encourage as much research as say a new medication for depression or erectile dysfunction. We spend trillions to keep a bunch of bankers in their corporate jets but we spend relatively little in developing protection for the next generation.

    Your commitment to educate others is commendable. It is too bad that some of the best information is found in blogs such as yours and not as a daily segment on the evening news.


  2. It would be great if the vaccination campaigns for autisms be run all over the world.

  3. We don't vaccinate any of our children, and my grand daughter has never been vaccinated either. Some doctors will now refuse to treat or even see a child who's parent/caretaker has waived vaccinations, as in our case. We were discriminated against by many doctors for our beliefs. My grand daughter already has developmental delays, a speech disability and other neurological problems, so I find it distressing that doctors would reject us knowing full well that she is need of medical attention.
    Further, she has multiple food allergies and chemical sensitivities and if we would have caved in and had her vaccinated, she could have died...she is HIGHLY allergic to eggs and from what I understand, a vaccine is incubated in an egg.

  4. "But I know this, when the Special Masters ruled on the Hannah Poling case last year, what some may not have understood is that the government ruled that it was her pre-existing Mitochondrial Disease which left her open to the MMR vaccine."

    You make some good points. Question: why do you say that the government said it was the MMR that caused Hannah Poling's regression and autism. Was there a specific reference to the MMR somewhere? Hannah received multiple vaccines on the same day, and regressed shortly thereafter.

    Also, just a point of correction. Thimerosal was not "removed" from the MMR vaccine. It was never in the MMR vaccine because the MMR is an live and active virus vaccine that could not be manufactured with thimerosal, as the thimerosal would deactivate the attenuated virus that purportedly mades the vaccine effective.



  5. Bob, thanks for your comments. Please take some time and watch this webinar at this link

    It is 4 hours long if ever you have the time. It is divided into speakers so yu can watch a litle at a time.

    Thanks for the correction on Hannah. I must have had MMR on the brain. It was determined that it was the nine vaccs that she had in one day.

  6. Thanks. I agree the Webinar was very useful to watch. I saw it in real time. 3 or 4 of the emailed in questions Deirdre Imus asked were from me. I know many of the parents who attended and asked questions,made comments, including my good friend Louise.

    Thanks for posting it on your blog.

  7. I saw it in real time as well and was transfixed for the entire time. I am very happy to meet you. Again, thanks for your comments. It is so hard to find scholarly articles on the web and I always appreciate kind and informative redirection.

  8. PS It is nice to know I was not alone in watching the entire webinar!!


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