Earth Hour...was it only one hour?

Well we celebrated Earth Hour here at the Shirley-Smith household and what a time we had. My three year old, who is usually asleep by 7pm was up and raring to go when the clock struck 8:15. I gave her a fast bath, or what we refer to as the "quick in and out", and then we had to go through the same discussion we have had every night for the past 2 weeks...

"I will wear Lexie's cool jamms Mommy." says Hay-Jay.

"Yes, Hay-Jay, when you get big like Lexie you can wear all of her jammies." I say watching the clock.

"Noooooooo! I waaaaana weeeaaar Lexie's jamms!" she wails as the clock strikes 8:27pm.

Then comes Lexie, my nine year old, turning off all of the lights with her Daddy right behind her yelling at her to turn them all back on. You see, no matter how many times I have shared with him about Earth Hour, he still did not remember what it was or when it was.

Now Lexie and Daddy are yelling at each other trying to drown out Hay-Jay's screaming about the jammies. So now where is my 12 year old? Sitting in the family room, in the dark, watching one of my favorite movies "Legally Blond". She is oblivious and felt she did her part already. She had texted (is that the right lingo) all of her friends and invited them to join in the effort to turn out their lights for one hour. Now I thought we were supposed to turn off all electrical items including TVs and computers. Apparently I was wrong according to the 12 year old. What do I know right?

So at this point it is 8:40, Hayden is still screaming and whining (I knew I should have made her take a nap), Daddy is telling Lexie how stupid Earth Hour is and what a freak Mommy is for making us all sit in the dark for hours. He still doesn't get it and I have no care anymore whether or not we turn off the lights or if I jump off of an unlit bridge to my seemingly peaceful demise.

I finally get Hayden-Jay into bed. She's naked except for her pull up and still whimpering about her jammies being "all wrong, so wrong...I need my light" and lay with her until she falls asleep because her 1000 watt bathroom security is off... thanks to Lexie.

By the time I come out of her room it is 8:50 and everyone is watching TV. I walk outside and noticed that every house on my street, save the neighbors across the road, have what looks to be every light in the neighborhood on. I walk back inside, give up and watch the "Kid's Choice Awards" (such a wholesome show) with Lexie. I watch the time on the clock tick by and wonder if it is broken again.

When Lexie finally announces to us all that it is 9:30 I am running to my computer to see what I missed. As I am turning on my computer, cursing it for being so slow, Lexie walks up to me, gives me a hug and says, "That was cool mom, thanks." and gives me a hug. I switch off my computer and lay back down in bed with her...and switch off the light.

I guess it was worth it after all.


  1. If anything it was good family bonding. We had fun playing in the dark here but hopefully they took a little bit of knowledge away too.

  2. I think the kids got it. I must say I am having trouble with them in a different area...they are driving me crazy for soda!!!

  3. At least you mase it enjoyable for the kids and that's something good they can learn at an early age. :)


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