Go Green and Save Green. 5 Easy Ways to get Started!

Here are 5 things that will help you go green and save green!
  1. Going Green has never been easier than hosting a great big old garage sale. We used to give all of our items we needed to get rid of to charity or to the trash. Now we take it all and have a Green Garage sale. I get kind of sick when I think of all of the trinkets, toys and household goods that we just threw into the trash without any care for our planet and her landfills. Recycling household goods, clothing and toys is a great way to make some extra cash and hep keep our landfills from overflowing.
  2. I know you have heard it before but LED light bulbs are a great way to save tons of money. You may be thinking that you cannot afford the initial outlay of funds for these expensive little suckers, but let me tell you that you can't afford not to invest in these little bulbs. Check out my Wholesale LED Lighting Outlet.  I have partnered with Go Green Solar to bring you great deals!!
  3. Do you know how much energy your dryer uses? Well I sure as hell don't but I have begun hanging many of our clothes to dry instead of using our 15 year old dryer. Yes very cool if you can afford to get a new, energy efficient dryer. We did and that is certainly saving some green over the long run.
  4. Are you always driving to the store? Take a break from the gas bill and shop online as much as you can. So many businesses are offering deals like this, Free Shipping over $25. Use code AFSHP3. Expires 3.31.09. Take advantage of these deals and find online stores which can provide the products that you need and want without having to drive all over town wasting your gas and emitting toxic fumes. Look, I am not sure cutting back on your driving will make any difference with supposed human caused Global Warming or Climate Change or whatever it is called today, but it will certainly make this earth a healthier place for all.  Those noxious fumes are linked to asthma and cancer.  By the way, think about who you want to give your money to and what types of products are important for you to use. Each family has to make decisions about what is important to them. We pay more for products which are organic and free of toxins so we will hopefully live a healthier life, free of medical bills.
  5. Finally, think about growing a garden. Recession Gardens are becoming very popular and make total sense. Even if you are in an apartment, there are ways to save money and protect yourself from harmful pesticides by growing your own food. We are planting a garden for Earth Day...okay so we are going to plant a garden...as soon as we can decide where to put it; four opinionated ladies in the household means Mommy and Daddy are going to have to bum one of them out in our choice of locations for the garden. We will be growing ( I am sorry, we will be trying to grow) carrots, lettuce, tomatoes and green beans to start. With the prices of food, especially organics, we are hoping to save some green and get our kids in touch with Mother Earth. By the way, a garden is a super cheap way to keep the family busy when there isn't any extra cash around for family outings. I will keep you posted on our progress...or lack thereof.

Well, I certainly hope that these ideas will get you thinking of some ways to go green and save green at the same time. I know people in my neighborhood are still rolling in the dough, but for those of us who need them, these tips will save money and bring us closer to a healthy world for all.

P.S. If you know anyone who is out of work, make their week and bring them dinner!! Not green but certainly a way to show you care.
P.P.S. Ditch the plastic water bottles...we are saving a ton of money doing this as well as saving our landfills and our health by using stainless steel water bottles or glasses. What a novel idea.

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