Call to Action! Help Us Remove Perchlorate (Rocket Fuel Ingredient) from Infant Formula and Contaminated Water in 28 States!

We don't think babies should be gulping down a rocket fuel ingredient, so we're working to get it out. And we need your help to send 15,000 e-mails to the EPA.

What's the problem? Contaminated water & infant formula
Recent tests by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) found perchlorate, a rocket fuel ingredient than can interfere with infant brain development, in 15 brands of powdered infant formula. When you mix this formula with perchlorate-contaminated water, which we have in 28 U.S. states and territories, there's a heightened risk.

In fact, the CDC team warned that mixing perchlorate-tainted formula powder with tap water containing "even minimal amounts" of the chemical could boost the resulting mixture's toxin content above the "safe" level set by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Click here to read EWG's analysis - including a great FAQ.

What's the solution? EPA should limit perchlorate in drinking water
We have long said that the EPA, which regulates the nation's water quality, should set a permanent and stringent limit on perchlorate pollution in drinking water. Why? Because perchlorate pollution has been found in the drinking water of 28 states and territories, and there's currently no standard for how much is safe.

Which is precisely why we need your help in asking newly-appointed EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson to set a safe drinking water standard for perchlorate.

Just click here to email the EPA - it's quick and easy, but packs a real punch.

Why now? EPA Administrator Jackson promised
During her Senate confirmation hearing, EPA head Lisa Jackson promised to act "immediately" to reduce perchlorate contamination in drinking water to protect children and pregnant women. So please, add your voice to ours and call on EPA Administrator Jackson to make good on her pledge.

Click here to ask the EPA to keep perchlorate at safe levels in our drinking water.

Thank you for working with us to protect infant health and promote safe drinking water. We are stronger together.

Lisa Frack
EWG Online Organizer
P.S. You can do more to get rocket fuel out of baby formula on our Take Action page.


  1. Shane--I just sent off an email in support.

    Thanks for continuing to raise awareness about such important issues!

    Hopefully, with Obama in power, the EPA is going to actually DO something!


  2. Done - mail sent. Thanks for this, if we don't shout loudly we can't get heard, and nothing will get done.

    I am certainly glad I'm not trying to raise a small child at this time in history - arsenic, melamine, Bisphenol A, various bacterias in foods, thank the gods mine is grown and in college.

  3. Hi Sylvie, I am in the midst of raising three girls (3,9 and 12). God spaced them out like that not us. Anyway, I am in awe that you raised your kids! It is certainly a challenge these days.

    Thanks for sending your email. I did it too and it certainly was easy. Hugs to you for a job well done.

  4. Thanks Melinda! I know we are all busy so I really thank you. I will keep you posted if I hear about our numbers...hopefully we will get to 15,000 as the message is spreading.

  5. Thanks and we should stand united force to voice out and act accordingly. Keep me posted of the development. All the best to all of you,

  6. Thanks James. I will keep all posted on this and many other calls to action.


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