A Message from After Cancer...Everything Changes Giveaway

If you have followed my blog for a while you may have seen a link in My Blog List to "Everything Changes". This is a wonderful blog by Kairol Rosenthol who has written a new book called "Everything Changes - The Insider's Guide to Cancer in Your 20's and 30's". My best girlfriend for 30 years was diagnosed with Hodgkin's Disease at 20. Although she is healthy now, I have a big spot in my heart for anyone who is doing anything to lessen the immense crush that this cancer brings to anyone's life; especially someone in the time of their life when cancer isn't even thought about.
This is a message from a fellow blogger about a way to get yourself in a drawing for an autographed copy of Kairol's new book. Good Luck!

Everything Changes - Giveaway

In honor of the 7th Annual National Young Adult Cancer Awareness
Week, author Kairol Rosenthal has donated three autographed copies of her book for giveaway on my blog. I've read this book, I've reviewed this book and I can't recommend it enough.Here are the rules to enter. Comment on the blog, earn an entry. Subscribe to the blog, earn another entry. Tweet it and get another entry. Write a post on your blog about the giveaway and earn five entries. Let me know what you've done in the comment section. The last day to enter will be Wednesday April 15th.
Click on the title above to leave a comment and enter.


  1. Great idea..I commented on the blog. If I win, I'm going to read it myself; then donate it to the public library!

  2. That's a beautiful idea!!!! I hope you win.


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