Orlando Swine Flu (Possible?) Victim Quarantined

I am getting a bit sick of the run around we are all getting waiting to see if this Mexican tourist has Swine Flu! He is quarantined at Florida Hospital and swabs have been sent for him as well as (as I understand it) 79 others in Florida. The Mexican Tourist was at Disney World this past weekend.

Here is the interesting thing. Yesterday we discovered that 16-18 students from South Carolina have come down with flu symptoms after visiting Disney World here in Orlando the same weekend that the suspected Swine Flu tourist was there.

The school where the children go was closed today for disinfecting and I am not sure when it will re-open. Good for the intelligent people in South Carolina. Here in Orlando half of the people I speak with do not even know there is a man with possible Swine Flu who was at Disney this past weekend.

A man I spoke with yesterday was at Disney with 4 of his 6 kids over the weekend and was amazed that this story is not more in the news.

This virus can stay alive on a surface for 24 hours.

You must understand that tons of people have season passes to Disney and we treat it like a day at the mall. Additionally, so many people work there!!!!!

According to Reuters UK, Disney World representatives held a closed-door meeting with public health leaders on Thursday in Orlando to discuss the flu alert.

Orange County Health Department officials said that results should be in today to confirm, one way or another, whether the quarantined Mexican tourist has Swine Flu.

It's almost 6pm now..how long do we have to wait and why is it taking 24-48 hours longer than it takes for confirmation in other states?


  1. Your update is greatly appreciated and I going to link my blog so as to update my valued visitors. Stay cool and we know you care everyone of us,
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  2. Yes and now they are saying that it will not be until tomorrow that they confirm he has Swine Flu. They have shipped TamiFlu to our County Health Department from the state.

  3. Very good information. Hope it doesn't reach my country Philippines!

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