Top 3 Fitness Trends: Boot Camp, Budget-Friendly, Getting Back to Basics

If a personal trainer isn't currently in your budget, you are so not alone. It seems like everyone is tightening their wallets this year to stay in shape in a struggling economy — getting back to basics with simple fitness equipment and workouts they can use at home.
1. Boot Camp-Style Workouts
Boot camp workouts (click the link for one of my favorites that will kick your butt) remain extremely popular because they provide a total-body workout that’s varied, fun and challenging. In addition to giving you a great cardiovascular workout, boot camp workouts strengthen muscles through high- and low-intensity toning exercises such as pushups, squats and lunges.
2. Budget-Friendly Workouts
With today’s economy showing no signs of strengthening yet, more people will cut costs to stay in shape. Look for more people to opt for equipment and workout DVDs that let them work out at home.
3. Getting Back to Basics
Despite the fact that many types of exercise and equipment are becoming more advanced and trendy, trainers will focus on basic movements and techniques with their clients again. Examples include exercises that use simple, affordable fitness equipment such as balance or stability balls, resistance bands and dumbbells; martial-arts-based workouts; and variations on exercises that use the body's own weight as resistance, such as push-ups, squats and yoga poses.


  1. Amen to that, you are sooo spot on with this, I knew and saw this trend coming awhile back and am capitalizing on it with the creation of my (newsltter and facebook group coming soon) that is all about natural, back to basics movement, very cost effective, time efficient fun and produces Reults Big Time!

    The other BIG Trend is kid's fitness/wellness (due to the major obesity problem going in with today's youth) a big passion of mine too, and one that i am weaving into the Playground Fit Camp, after all they (and my lil girl) inspired it! ;)

    Thanks for sharing!

    To Our Healthy Success!

    Jared Maidenberg

  2. Good luck! I will check you out.

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