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I had to share this with you. I warn you, it isn't pleasant but if you are serious about being informed on health and our environment, this is something you should see. The video comes from one of our Environmental Booty members, Paul Coleman.

Paul is a really special person who, since 1990, has walked over 47,500 miles through over 39 nations spreading the word of taking care of our environment. In 2000, he began a mission to plant 100,000,000 trees; one for every man, woman and child killed in the last century of war. So far 11,350,000 have been planted. For more information on this special environmentalist, please visit his site at www.earthwalker.com .

The following is a personal message from Paul ...

"I tried to get this video onto the mainstream TV networks, but had no luck. I have shown it along with others on my talks around the world and people are quite rightly shocked and I advise them that this is exactly the reason why we need to buy locally and grow organic and treat all creatures with respect. I also advice them not to buy from China, because when we do buy from China without thinking this encourages what we see here. If people are informed then they can make the right choices.

But now I think that this really needs to hit the media waves and the networks. While checking out Pig Flu I stumbled upon a TV News video, made while we were actually walking around China, just a few weeks before we came across the pigs.It tells of a PIG FLU outbreak in China. We knew nothing of this - just as we did not know of the riots in Tibet for six weeks - because the government obviously blocked the information from Chinese eyes.

We [Paul and his wife are a great team] always wondered what did those pigs in the stream die of? Now we feel we know the answer and that is quite a scary thought.

Here is the news video from November 2007 - a few weeks before we saw the dead baby pigs. This entire region is for PIG farming and we have no doubt whatsoever that many more streams carried the same shock.

If you can help us spread the message via these two videos that would be a great help. We might not be able to stop what is happening in Mexico and now elsewhere, but we may be able to shed light on a very sad and potentially dangerous situation.

I have a friend who is an MP in the British Parliament who is trying to figure out a way to raise the issue and tomorrow will meet and discuss this with our friend who is a Japanese Senator .

Thanks for your offer of help. Let`s see what we can do."


  1. I tweeted this on Tuesday night. Hope the video is getting some exposure.

  2. HUmm waiting for video jungle if you have.


"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has." - Margaret Mead