New York Health Care Workers Told "Vaccinate or be Terminated". Albany Workers Protest, What Can You Do?

See my dad in his wheelchair with the green hat?  We all stand at my daughter's birthday party and he sits... because of a vaccination!

I am sitting here at my computer in disbelief as I just heard on the news that NY state has apparently given health care workers until November 30th to get the Flu vaccine or be terminated.  I am sorry, where is that again...AMERICA?  Listen folks if this illegal mandate goes unchallenged and unchanged, you WILL be next!

The state has already announced that the H1N1 shot will be next for the NY health care workers.  You know what happenned in 1976 when the Swine Flu vaccination was pushed by Washington and did not quite hit the mark?  By 1979, 4,000 people had made claims of damages against the government with 2/3 of them being for neurological illness or death. This time around the US Government is embarking upon an unprecedented Swine Flu vaccine symptom tracking system.

I am all too familiar with the damage that a vaccination can do to a person.

My father received a Hep-B vaccine and within a couple of weeks was fighting for his life from a neurological disease called Guillain Barre.  This disease quickly turned into the chronic form of GB called Chronic Demyelinating Inflammatory Polyneuropathy.  The government has compensated him for his illness which they agreed was caused by the vaccination but no amount of compensation will ever fix our lives or his.

My dad who taught me to slow dance won't ever dance with me again.  He is confined to a wheelchair now.

I have chosen, each time with much worry and prayer, to vaccinate my three girls for the greater good of our world.  I am considering the Flu vaccine this year but at this point, I have decided not vaccinate my family against Swine Flu.  I STILL HAVE A CHOICE, HEALTH CARE WORKERS IN NY DO NOT!  Can you imagine being given this ultimatum?

You just might be given the same ultimatum if we do not support those protesting this mandate. Albany, New York health care workers are protesting today and we need to give them our support.

Please email your local Representatives, the Vice President and President HERE and tell them you support the Albany, NY protestors and will never stand for forced vaccination!!!!!


  1. Unbelievable, actually not so much so. Quite a few health workers in Europe don't want to take the shot, some will prefer to resign rather than being forced to take it.

  2. I guess i am just too naive. In this day and age it is so tough to find a job. What are they trying to prove? I thought Swine Flu was supposed to be like the regular flu in illness and deaths. It still has not mutated. What do they know that we do not?

  3. This is good cause this is for our own good but i think that we should have the choice if we want to be vaccinated or not and it depends with the situation. They should not force people be vaccinated.

  4. Hi Bryan and thanks for stopping by. It looks like most people are not really too concerned about this forced vaccination so far. It worries me because I wonder who is next?


"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has." - Margaret Mead