Open Your Eyes and Meet Your Sugar

I am not against sugar. I love the stuff and I hate artificial sweeteners. Still, there are important things to remember when you are making your food and drink choices throughout the day or making choices for your kids. Children learn what they live and your choices are setting healthy or unhealthy eating patterns they will carry with them for life.

There is considerable information that tells us that sugars leave you more susceptible to

There are even recent studies which point to sugars contributing to acne. We all know how sugar contributes to obesity and diabetes and I bet most parents out there (regardless of the research) can tell you that too much sugar makes their kids wack out...but how much is too much? Do you really know how much sugar you are taking in when you are making your food choices every day?

My father sent me the following photos via email with the message to, "Stay well & sugar-free (or diminished)." I am not sure where these photos originated or I would certainly give him or her credit. These are visuals that are hard to ignore.


  1. Great article.

    I used to run the Community Programme at Everton Football Club and enjoyed watching the children's faces when a I explained what exactly went into drinks like Sunny Delight and so called 'sports' drinks!

  2. Even I was surprised at some of the sugar content in these items!


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