What is the Environmental Health of Your Neighborhood? Find Out Here!

Last week the Associated Press released a new report on the water quality in schools in the United States.  It seems that water in about 100 school districts and 2,250 schools breached federal safety standards.  California, which has the highest number of schools in the country, had the highest level of violations at 612.  Ohio came in second with 451 violations followed by Maine with 417, Connecticut with 318 and Indiana with 289.

According to the AP article, "Many of the same toxins could also be found in water at homes, offices and businesses. But the contaminants are especially dangerous to children, who drink more water per pound than adults and are more vulnerable to the effects of many hazardous substances."

"The most frequently cited contaminant was coliform bacteria, followed by lead and copper, arsenic and nitrates."

This is even more of a reason for all of you moms,dads, grandmas and grandpas out there to buy  filtration systems for your homes (at least use a Brita water filtration pitcher you can pick up almost anywhere) and fill a reusable stainless steel container for them each morning.  You can find safe water bottles HERE with free shipping and a ton of cool designs they will love.

Reading about water quality at schools made me wonder about the quality of water and other environmental factors in my area.  Haven't you ever wondered about the environmental health of your neighborhood?  What exactly are the cancer risks?  How is your water quality?  What are the radon or ozone levels?  Well now you can check out the environmental health of the water (and get tons more important environmental info) in your area by using the widget above from the EPA.

Pretty cool widget.  Hope you find it useful and interesting.


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