Update on Albany Nurses...Now Suing Over Forced Vaccinations

I am very happy to report that the forced vaccinations I told you about in an earlier post are not being taken without a fight.  Their rally video is posted above and now, four of the nurses are filing suit against state Health Commissioner Dr. Richard Daines to prevent the mandatory vaccination of New York's health care workers with the H1N1 flu virus.

"This is a significant civil rights issue," their lawyer, Terrence L.Kindlon said. "We think people are being forced to do something by the government."

According to timesunion.com a similar suit filed last week in New York City names Commissioner Daines and Jeffrey Kraut, chairman of the state Hospital Planning and Review Council, and contends it is beyond the state's authority to mandate getting the vaccines. Kindlon said the New York Civil Liberties Union and other groups may file similar legal action in the coming weeks.

I will keep you posted.  If you hear anything else, please check back and let us know.


  1. The news caught me speechless as I do not expect a government in US is doing this to its people.

    Take care and don't give in.

  2. Yeah we didn't think things like that happened here either. I will hopefully be able to report soon that America is back to normal again. *DONT_KNOW*


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