My Daughter has Swine Flu...this is scary.

Apparently my little Lexie has Swine Flu. A couple of weeks ago she had a cough and wasn't feeling so great.  I took her to her doctor and they did a flu test that was negative.  She started feeling better and then last Thursday she had this odd rash on her neck and face.  I didn't think much of it and put a little cortisone cream on it.  It seemed to go away by Friday and she seemed fine.  I didn't give it a second thought when
 she asked to go to a friend's house for a sleepover that night.

Now follow me here.  Then, yesterday (Saturday), a friend called to tell me that her 12 year old daughter, who we (Lex, Hay-Jay, Reece and I) drove to and from church group Thursday night, and whose house Reece spent the night at Thursday, had come down with Swine Flu.  This didn't really concern me a whole bunch since there have been kids all over the schools with Swine Flu.

Still, My husband and I were looking forward to going out to a wine tasting event on Saturday night but I had to bail because I could not let my mom babysit.  The kids could not be around my dad and his compromised immune system from his vaccine induced C.I.D.P.   Mom also couldn't come over to my house and watch them because she could get infected herself and then pass it on to my dad.  So, sadly I stayed home and my husband went without me. 

The kids seemed fine last night.

By today though, things changed a bit.

My husband found our nine year old, Alexandra, in our bed at 1:00pm this afternoon and he asked me what was up?  I told him that I thought she was trying to get out of doing her laundry job with her sister and I went in to give her a good tongue lashing.  What I found surprised me. 

She was under the covers shivering, said she felt tired and when I felt her head she was burning up.  I took her temp and it was only 99.9 which is chump change for a fever. Still I gave her some Motrin  and when I took her temp ten minutes later it was 100.2.  Still no big deal but it steadily kept climbing until it finally went down to 99.4 an hour later.  Her cough was suddenly back with a vengeance and my beautiful baby looked awful.

When I took her into the walk in clinic late this afternoon, what the doctor said gave me another surprise.  Based only on the combination of the following reasons he classified her as having Swine Flu and prescribed Tamiflu ...all without giving her a rapid flu test:
  1. She was sick a couple of weeks ago and now, soon after, is sick again.

  2. She had a rash.

  3. She has a bad cough.

  4. She has a fever.

  5. She has a headache and diarrhea.

  6. She is weak and shaky.

  7. She has asthma and was around someone who has been recently diagnosed with Swine Flu.

  8. The doctor said that, in his estimation, he has found about 50% of the rapid flu tests have given him false results.

The nurse at the clinic told me that it might be kind of hard to get my hands on some Tamiflu and said that I might have to go to a few pharmacies.  She also told me that people have been calling and telling them that they cannot find it anywhere.  I guess luck was on our side as we won found some at the first CVS  we went to.

I just now gave her a dose of Tamiflu and put her to bed.  She is worse than she was earlier.  I know her feaver will spike tonight and I am literally praying that she will feel better in the morning.

PS it's almost 10pm now- I just checked her again and her temp is 101.7.   More Motrin and more worry.  I keep thinking of those 11 kids that died last week from Swine Flu.  She'll be fine.  She'll be fine.  She'll be fine. I am at the "freak out a little stage" I guess.  What about her asthma?  What about I calm down?


  1. Brian D. HawkinsSunday, October 18, 2009

    That really is scary. Sick , then better and then sick again plus half the testing is wrong? We don't hear any of this on the news. I hope Lexie is feeling better in the morning and my prayers go out to her and your entire family.

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  2. Don't expect Tamiflu to be the magic pill that fixes everything. Read this:

    I'm sure your daughter will be fine.

    Swine flu only has a very low death rate and even with infection, your daughter is still more likely to gain an overnight understanding of particle physics than have anything worse than a fever from her H1N1.

  3. Keep her hydrated! I'm praying sweetie!

  4. Thanks Tara. She is a pretty sick little baby. Maybe your little on could call her tomorrow if you guys are around? How was the party?

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  5. Thanks Aaron. I will check it out. When are you going to share your info atEnvironmental Booty ?

  6. PS - You made me laugh, which I need right now. Didn't I tell you that she already has an in depth uinderstanding of particle physics? I taught her all she knows...

  7. My girlfriend whose daughter is sick, told me that her doctor feels like he could use some more info from the CDC on what current protocol is. He said just in the last week, things have really changed with the virus and the severity that he is seeing. I am not so sure that we are not seeing it mutate a bit...but that was expected.

    I sincerely appreciate the prayers.

  8. Megan also has all the same symptoms and vomiting...taking her back to the doctor this morning.

  9. In my thoughts and prayers. I saw that she was sick last week. Make sure you are giving her a Vitamin C supplement. Let me know how she is...

  10. Hi Shane, I wanted to know how your daughter is today? Feeling a little better, I hope.

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  11. Thanks so much for asking. She is through the worst of it I think. Her fever broke at about 4am and she seems to be getting some energy back. She is resting now. Actually all of my girls are resting. The older one just came home from school not feeling well too.

    All will be fine. I was just worried about Lexie because of her asthma. Thanks so much for checking back in. :)

  12. Hi Shane,I am so sorry about your daughter, but do Not worried she will be OK.

    Give her LOTS of clean water and when the temperature go down lots of FRESH orange juice, then vegetable juice, then steam vegetables with lemon & olive oil, ALL ORGANIC
    KEEP AWAY from ALL animal products and SUGAR!

  13. Swine Flu – What You've Not Been Told

    If you read the stories on H1N1 influenza written by the mainstream media, you might incorrectly think there's only one anti-viral drug in the world. It's name is Tamiflu and it's in short supply.

    That's astonishing to hear because the world is full of anti-viral medicine found in tens of thousands of different plants. Culinary herbs like thyme, sage and rosemary are anti-viral. Berries and sprouts are anti-viral. Garlic, ginger and onions are anti-viral. You can't walk through a grocery store without walking past a hundred or more anti-viral medicines made by Mother Nature.

    And yet how many does the mainstream media mention? Zero.

    The totality of influenza preparedness is defined by the mainstream media as the number of doses of Tamiflu a nation has stockpiled. To live in a world that's saturated with natural anti-viral medicine and then not even acknowledge it in the media is beyond bizarre. It's Twilight Zone-like. It's like we've been teleported to an alternate universe where anti-viral plants have disappeared... or at least everyone is pretending they have.

  14. Where do you think Tamiflu comes from, by the way?
    It's extracted from the Traditional Chinese Medicine herb called Star Anise. It's one of hundreds of different anti-viral herbs found in Chinese Medicine, not to even mention anti-viral herbs from South America, North America, Australia, Africa and other regions.

    I find it downright comedic that Big Pharma and the world's health authorities extract their "champion" anti-viral drug Tamiflu from a Chinese Medicine herb, and then they go out of their way to announce to people that herbs and natural remedies are useless against influenza. If that's the case then why are they using herbs to make their own medicine?

    How many stories have you read that bother to tell you Tamiflu is made from the star anise herb that's been used for over 5,000 years in Traditional Chinese Medicine? Virtually none. The powers that be don't want anybody to know they could actually grow their own medicine in a garden or a windowsill. If you can grow cilantro, you can grow medicine. If everybody figured that out, Big Pharma wouldn't be reaping the enormous profits it's making right now from Tamiflu sales, and the governments of the world wouldn't be able to scare and control people by promising to distribute Tamiflu (but only if you behave).

    H1N1 influenza is not a hoax. But the way it's being reported by health authorities and the mainstream media certainly is. The scam in all this is what they leave out of the stories -- the fact that human beings live among a huge natural medicine chest of anti-viral drugs found in every city park, every forest, every swamp and every open field.

    You cannot walk across any patch of natural land in America and NOT find anti-viral medicine. It's everywhere! It's in the weeds growing in the cracks in the sidewalks; it's in weeds on the side of the stream; and it's growing in the small patch of dirt left remaining in the median between highway lanes. In the deserts of the American Southwest, you can't even drive to work without passing mile after mile of abundant anti-viral medicine grown by Mother Nature and just waiting for humans to wake up and be smart enough to recognize it.


  15. Tamiflu Proving Useless Against Swine Flu
    Posted by: Dr. Mercola
    July 13 2009 | 1,185 views

    Public health authorities are reporting three cases of the H1N1 influenza in which the virus was resistant to the antiviral drug Tamiflu.

    Until now, all tested strains of the novel H1N1 flu had been susceptible to Tamiflu. But the three cases of a drug resistant virus -- one each in Hong Kong, Denmark, and Japan -- suggest that resistance could arise.

    What is most worrying some is that one of the cases of resistance occurred in a woman in Hong Kong who had not been treated with the drug. In the other two cases, the patients had been given the drug as a preventive measure.


    ABC News July 8, 2009

    Tamiflu Harm for Swine Flu Far Outweighs Benefits for Children
    Posted by: Dr. Mercola
    August 13 2009 | 1,173 views

    Oxford researchers are saying that children should not be given the anti-viral drug Tamiflu for swine flu because its harms outweigh any benefits. They called on the UK Department of Health to rethink its current policy.

    A study found that Tamiflu caused vomiting in some children, which can lead to dehydration and complications.

    In addition, the drug had little or no effect on asthma flare-ups, ear infections or the likelihood of a child needing antibiotics.



  16. Sorry,I am not a guest :)

  17. I will post more in the morning!

  18. I was so bad. i actually let her have soda!!!! UUGGHH HFCS!! She is tons better, just still wiped out. I am keeping her up with her supplements. A friend gave me a suggestion to try Oscill...I don't know how to spell it but the link is here. i am ordering some to try to keep our immune systems up. :)

  19. Love this information. We are all workiong together to get the word out and we are getting stronger!! Meet me at our Green Network to do even more at !

  20. Hi Stella!! You are already on our network! Thanks sweetie.

  21. My daughter too had the swine. It's a terrible experience, especially when its a baby. have you looked at the website: Swine Flu Kids They have some really great home remedies that are gentle for little ones. I downloaded their book and was very satisfied with it. Good luck!

  22. That's great information. I will check it out. Thanks for sharing.


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