Take a Minute and Check Out HG Labs Brightly Green Cash Giveaway...you could win cash every month!

Are you on the hunt these days for deals, coupons and giveaways?  Well guess what, you are not alone and companies know this.  Businesses are listening to the "call" of the consumer to save green by offering some amazing deals and creative ways to save money.  Businesses  get a chance to expose all of us to their products and we get savings.  In some cases, we actually get a chance to win cold, hard cash.

I spend quite a bit of time searching the Internet for green deals, coupons and giveaways to share with our Environmental Booty Community and I have come across  a winner with HG Labs and their Brightly Green Giveaway.  When I find a  deal or giveaway that comes from a company that truly demonstrates a care for environmental health and the health of our families, as HG Labs and Brightly Green do, I really love to get you informed and share.  It is so easy to try to win $100 every month that I'll bet you'll want to share it with people you know and care about too. There is no purchase necessary to win.

Just click HERE or go to www.brightlygreen.biz and click the $$$Cash Giveaway$$$ tab.  Set a reminder in your calender for the first of every month to come back and register for each month's green cash giveaway.  It's easy peasy and you'll be on your way to a little extra green each month.  Good Luck!

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