What You Should Know About Food Additives and Your Kids

Navigating Food Additives is a really quick video explanation of why artificial food additives are something you want to work on eliminating from your diet and your child's diet. I am a big fan of Dr. Alan Greene, author of "Feeding Baby Green" and  "Raising Baby Green" and he really lays it out succinctly in this clip when he discusses his nutrition tips on Good Morning America. 

I often come across blogs or websites that seem to try and scare people into greening their health.  I just do not think it works.  Aren't we all just looking for current health information we can trust right now to keep ourselves and our loved ones healthy and vibrant.  Dr. Greene will give you current information on what food additives you should avoid and why without scare tactics. He is both down to earth and full of information you can use to make your life and the life of your family healthier and greener.

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  1. Thanks Andi, I will check out your blog.

  2. Don't have kids yet but I am sharing your post to my sister.

    I kept telling her to reduce or avoid giving her kids foods with additives.

    Thanks for this post.

  3. It is really very difficult but any reduction is a step in the right direction. As adults we must try to reduce these additives too. Thanks for stopping by Jessica.

  4. The mother's ability to detect the fullness of his son when he ate was the most significant factor. Thus, participants who ignored signs of fullness of your baby tend to overfeed, which increased their risk of overweight.

    Similarly, the number of times you feed little during the day also was associated with greater risk of rapid weight gain in that age group.


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