Listen Up Men...Valentine's Day is Fast Approaching and I Have THE Perfect Organic Gift for Your Sweet P that Won't Break the Bank!

Okay guys do not let Valentine's Day sneak up on you and then have to run into the nearest mall trying to find the perfect gift!   Remember last year?  Does your sweetie even remember last year's gift?  This year get moving now and pick out a gift that will make her go, "WOW!" and won't break the bank.  I have been thinking about how to help you find a gift that is as special as she is and I have hit the jackpot with Sweet P's organic Crystal Heart Perfume.

When I first opened my sample of Sweet P's organic Crystal Heart Perfume my first thought was, "This is so beautiful."  It made me feel special just opening the package and holding the most beautiful crystal heart bottle I have ever seen.  When I opened the crystal top and put the vegan, organic perfume on my neck and wrists, I could tell this scent was something special.  As I went through my day, this vegan scent stayed with me all day and my girls said I smelled like I was a piece of candy!

The scents you will find at the mall will cost you a small fortune and may contain synthetic chemicals, resins and coal tar.  Plus those scents most likely contain animal  by-products like castor from beavers, musk from male deer, and ambergris from the sperm whale...YUCK!  All of Sweet P's scents are vegan, 100% organic and contain only the purest, organic ingredients that nature has to offer.

Guys if you have vacationed or honeymooned in Hawaii with your Sweet P, you totally have to pick up our
Hawaiian Ginger scent or choose my favorite, Desert Rain.  Get over to my Environmental Booty OpenSky Shop and choose your scent and be done in a flash with getting the perfect Valentine's Day gift for $20.  I promise she will love it and thank you many times over!


  1. Gosh this is absa lootly beautiful! i love the bottle and I love crystals so its the perfect gift for valentines day.

    Wish you shipped to sA

  2. Hi Gillian and thanks for the comment. It really is a steal for what you get! Sorry we don't ship to you...maybe someday.


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