Just Say "NO" to Harmful Toxic Chemicals in Personal Care Products and say "YES" to Sweet P's Organic, Vegan Hair Care for Yourself and Your Family!

I have searched for years for a great vegan organic conditioner and vegan organic shampoo that delivers great smelling hair with shine and softness and I am so happy to share what I have found!  I would like to introduce you to our new line of Sweet P’s Organics Hair Care.  I am in love with our Environmental Booty OpenSky Shop's Sweet P’s vegan, organic shampoo and organic conditioner .  They are deep and penetrating (even for my long hair) and safe for color treated hair, permed hair  and chlorinated hair and my hair smells like I have been to the spa every day!  I am so in love with the way this organic hair care makes my hair feel and smell... soooo soft and the smell is the absolute best I have ever smelled in hair care!

With nature’s best ingredients, you can clean, nourish and protect your hair, and our environment, without harmful or toxic chemicals.  Think about it, when you wash and condition your hair, the product covers your body and then rinses down the drain.  Did you know that skin is the largest organ of human body?  It absorbs 60% of the ingredients used in personal care products every day.  Most people use 10 products daily and the average number of ingredients absorbed is 126.  These products seep through the skin and rinse down the drain causing a concern for both human health and the environment.

The last thing you want to do is to cover yourself (or your children) with Parabens (a hormone disruptor linked to breast cancer in some animal studies) and SLS (Sodium Laureth Sulfates which makes products lather and the same ingredient used to strip floors which can cause itching and irritation) and then send it down your drain and into our waterways!  I never wash or condition my girls’ hair with any product that contains Parabens and my little one cannot handle SLS; it makes her head itchy and it drives her crazy.

Our Sweet P’s vegan organic conditioner and vegan organic shampoo use certified organic ingredients like:

1.    Aloe Vera Juice

2.    Olive Oil

3.    Avocado Oil

4.    Ecocert Preservative -safe for humans & environment

5.    Coconut Oil

6.    Hemp Seed Oil – nature’s Omega-3 vegetable oil

7.    White Willow Bark extract

8.    Panthenol - a non-irritating form of Vitamin B that is derived from plants

9.    Chamomile

10. Essential Oils - contain natural preservative action and produce real changes that our bodies recognize & process safely

Big Bad Dad (as we refer to my husband) is not totally on the green bandwagon, but when it comes to washing his sweet little Chi-Poo, Ace, he makes sure we use Sweet P's Organics for safety and an amazing smell. Never any animal testing, animal products or by-products with Sweet P's Organics!

Look, one of the best things you can do for your health, the health of your family (and puppies LOL) and the health of our environment is to use our Sweet P’s Organic products!   Pick some up right now at our Environmental Booty OpenSky Shop and then come back and let me know how much you love it!


  1. Yes I have used it. It makes my hair smell like. This is infused with organic coconut oil which provides intense moisture, smoothes frizziest and restores hair’s natural shine. It makes my fine hair soft and light.

    Best Regards,

  2. Obviously I too am so in love with these organic products. I appreciate you stopping by.

  3. Hey All American Packaging, are you into recycled packaging? I cannot seem to get to your site?

  4. Glad to hear you find our green information helpful.


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