Cash in on a Career in the Wellness Industry - Find out which job is right for you: Personal Trainer, Massage Therapist or Esthetics

Personal Trainer – The Big Boost
You’re the type that dances to the beat of a different punching bag. You love being a motivator and you love being creative as you design personalized fitness routines for clients. However, you must be knowledgeable about safe exercise habits, or you may find yourself with a hurt client.

Personal trainers are a special combination of educators, business managers and cheerleaders. Some of their most valuable personal traits are:
•    An outgoing personality
•    Great communication skills
•    The ability to motivate and inspire others
•    A caring nature
•    The business skills to attract and retain loyal clients

One benefit of being a certified personal trainer is that you have lots of options for work settings. Personal trainers are employed by health clubs, sports teams, hospitals, yoga and Pilates studios, and resorts, and can even work in their clients’ homes.

Personal trainers start their day by reviewing and updating fitness programs for each client and assessing their progress. How long it takes depends on their client load. The day begins when the first client schedules an appointment.

Being an independent trainer is great because you get to choose how many hours a day you need to work. You have a lot of options and lots of earning potential. Personal trainers can find extra income by specializing in areas such as cardiovascular exercise, weightlifting, karate or yoga.

Massage Therapy – The Cool Down

Massage therapists work to cool off the stress of the day. They work closely with personal trainers because they are on different sides of the same service industry. The wellness industry always has a place for people who love to help others lead healthier lives. The popularity of holistic healing is reemerging, and massage therapy is a big part of that.

Massage therapists usually have a friendly, soothing personality and an interest in helping others improve their health. Maintaining good interpersonal skills is key because clients have to trust you.  Few careers have as many work environment options as massage therapy. Who needs an office job? An upscale spa is a more appealing workplace. Still not right? How about working in private clinics or studios, day spas, hospitals, nursing homes, fitness centers, or sports medicine facilities?

Like a personal trainer, the majority of massage therapists work independently and can schedule their own work days. Massage therapy beginners may find they enjoy working part-time for an established business, and part-time on their own. This allows them to build practical work and communication skills as they search for new clients to schedule.

Massage therapy helps people relax and renew, but the job is full of physical demands. Many massage therapists spend most of their workday on their feet. If they are not careful to use proper techniques, they are susceptible to strains and repetitive stress injuries as well.

Esthetics – The Beautiful Benefit

Through good times and bad, people love to pamper themselves with makeovers and spa treatments. The work life of an esthetician is a charmed one because it allows you to bring out the natural beauty of all of your clients. Skin is an important part of a healthy immune system, so the job of an esthetician is very important because they help people keep their skin in excellent condition.

Esthetics brings together the best of many worlds. You have opportunities to express your creativity, work in a relaxed setting and get to know your clients personally as you help them find their perfect look. Estheticians work with their hands on a regular basis and are good listeners. They enjoy working around other people and feed off of the natural energy in salons and spas. They serve their clients best by keeping current on the latest products and therapies in skin technology, and making educated decisions about whether their clients will benefit from them.

To help their clients make time for their appointments, estheticians often don’t work a standard nine-to-five day. Work may last later into the evening and on weekends, but they can schedule appointments that fit their schedules.  

 Guest Post from the Dawn Career Institute 

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