Have Your Kids Met The PBS Enviropals? Red is the New Green with Games, Songs, Lessons and More!

The other day my husband asked me if I had seen the Enviropals on PBS.  I had never heard of them but after checking them out, I knew the Enviropals were some new green friends I had to share.  Not only is the Enviropals the first "green" kids show on PBS, but the creators are two high school teachers from my neighboring Volusia County, Florida. 

The mission of “Enviropals!" is to empower K - 5th grade viewers to be good custodians of the Earth as they learn the importance of keeping the planet clean.  The Enviroplas website has green games, songs, Eco-tips for kids, lesson plans that go with the themes of the shows and a ton of stuff that my kids really love.

Combining musical numbers with an environmental message, “Enviropals!” chronicles the adventures of Rae Rae the Red Panda who lives in his “housetree” with his friends Safari Stan, Safari Sue and the Safari Kids. Sixteen zany animal puppets also live in the housetree and interact with the cast throughout the show.

The show is currently not airing on all PBS stations.  Check your local listings to find out if it is showing in your area and if it isn't, contact your local PBS station and let them know you want it available.  Be sure to visit their site for a ton of green kid's fun!

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