The Ultimate Green Classroom and their Inspiring Green Dream Teacher

One of my goals for 2010 is to spread the green living message to our younger generations.  When I ran across this article in The Daily Green News, I was truly inspired.  When we take a look at all of the organizations and amazing people who are dedicating their lives to teaching kids about the true value of going green, we all learn a lesson about what is important in life.

Greg Perry is a high school teacher who really has been blessed with the gift of really dreaming big, Green Dreams.  He has not only battled paralysis and cancer but he has battled teenagers and won!  Who isn't inspired by that these days?  Greg's marketing class students have been won over to his Big Green Dream and Ultimate Green Classroom.  You must watch the video above for the full story.

Please watch the video above for more on Greg's inspirational story and  take a tour of the Ultimate Green Classroom and get inspired to do great things with the kids in your neck of the woods.  All great things do not have to be big.  We might be surprised by just how big meaningful little life lessons can become as they plant the seeds for our green and sustainable future.

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