Earth Friendly Fire? Watch the Review of Enviro-Logs then Read an Interview with Ross McRoy, President of Envirologs

A big "Thanks" goes to Ross McRoy, President of Enviro-Logs for answering some questions about how to live green and enjoy the warmth and glow of an Eco-Friendly fire:
1.       Why did you develop Enviro-Logs?
Ross McRoy - We were intrigued with the overall closed loop concept – it just seemed very logical.  The firelog really performed well and the raw material was abundant.  The market seemed to want a cleaner burning alternative – a true wood substitute.  So, we decided to step out and commercialize the concept and retailers have been embracing our unique product.

2.       Tell our community about how Enviro-Logs are safe for our environment and safer for us than traditional wood or fire logs.
Ross McRoy - We are tested by Omni Environmental, the leader for manufactured fire product consumer testing.  Enviro-Log is made with food grade waxed cardboard which is a high quality containers used to transport perishable foods.  The firelogs have been tested safe for fireplaces, woodstoves and cooking.  We parallel wood in application, thus a true wood substitute.  When compared to wood.  Below are the key benefits for burning our firelog vs wood.
  •       30% less emissions
  •       80% less carbon monoxide
  •       86% less creosote
  •       50% more heat per pound
  •       33% lower greenhouse gases*
  •       100% recycled content
  •       Great for home heating versus fuel oils, etc.
  •       Supplemental and emergency heat source
  •       “Saves natural resources – a true substitute for wood”
* Comparative testing in a typical woodstove, Omni Environmental 2010.

3.       How do your environmentally friendly logs differ from others on the market?
Ross McRoy - Safe for woodstoves and family cook-outs, sustainable and selected for Home Depots Eco-Option firelog because of our positive impact on the environment over the category leaders, Duraflame and Pine Mountain.  We are one of the only consumer products that converts a retailer’s waste material into a product that is better than the product it replaces (wood).

4.       Are Enviro-Logs safer for those with breathing issues like asthma than other firelogs or wood?
Ross McRoy - We have not tested this specifically.  We have some customer feedback claiming our firelogs are the only firelog they have found that does not aggravate one’s breathing issues.

5.       Why should consumers care about what they burn in their fireplaces?
Ross McRoy - Wood is the standard for sustainability and fireplace fuel, but more communities are establishing “no-burn” days created by the amount of emissions released by wood fires.   When a consumer has to make a purchase decision, choosing a product that parallels the most common fire source (wood) but has less greenhouse gases and overall emission means they can make a better choice (over wood).  Enviro-Logs are lower priced and perform equal to or better than traditional firelogs.  When compared against traditional wax firelogs, the Enviro-Log is the only sustainable firelog on the market.

6.       Is it safe to roast marshmallows or cook other food with an Enviro-Log?
Ross McRoy - Yes, we were tested against charcoal and found to be safe.  We do have a pizza house that uses our firelogs for cooking heat.

7.       Give us 3 ways you have found to live a greener life.
Ross McRoy - Having worked to develop the Enviro-Log image and convince people to make a change, you have to love and live your image.  Just a few simple things we have done – purchase a higher fuel economy car, recycle, help others recycle or educate them, use more bio-degradable products, turned our thermostat down 2-degrees minimum (threaten others not to touch the home thermostat), changed all light bulbs inside and outside the home with the florescent versions (3/4 years ago), purchased water filters for drinking, planted a garden. 

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