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"Take one gas-guzzling, patio-heated, SUV-in-the-front-yard family. And change them. That is Reay's task in this excellent primer on how to cut your contribution to climate change. The average person in the rich world, he says, can cut their greenhouse gas emissions during their lifetime by a thousand tons."--BBC Focus Magazine

Dave Reay is a research fellow at Edinburgh University and the editor of
the leading climate change website www.ghgonline.org . Click HERE to Buy

"Accessible and surprisingly entertaining, this informed overview of available paths to relatively pollution-free energy resources is a level-headed primer on the world to come." --Publishers Weekly

Jane Hoffman is a nationally renowned policy expert on consumer issues and domestic policy and was a Democratic candidate for Lieutenant Governor for New York.  She ran the Department of Consumer Affairs during the Giuliani administration, and has also worked as a Senior Producer at CNN.

Michael Hoffman is Managing Director of Riverstone Holdings, LLC, where he manages the world's largest renewable energy fund.  He specializes in global investments in renewable energy and power enterprises.  They live in New York City.  Click HERE to Buy

"A must-read for any company, regardless of its place on the green spectrum.  The Green Workplace includes great information for companies just beginning to green their offices or for those who are further along in the process.  From alternative work options to the greening of actual buildings and spaces, The Green Workplace has it all!" --Alicia R. Martin, Sustainability Manager, Sprint

Leigh Stringer is a LEED® Accredited Professional and a workplace and sustainability expert at HOK, a global architectural firm. She has been a featured speaker at numerous design and construction industry events for the U.S. Green Building Council, the American Institute of Architects (AIA), International Facility Management Association (IFMA) and CoreNet Global.                                                            

In 2007, she was named to the list of "40 Under 40" top industry professionals by Building Design + Construction magazine. In addition to appearances on CNN,  published articles in USA Today , CoreNet's Leader magazine, Building  Operating Management, and Consulting-Specifying Engineer, Stringer is the founder and editor of www.TheGreenWorkplace.com, a blog dedicated to sharing ideas about greening the workplace through space, technology and change management.  Click HERE to Buy

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