Take this Legislative Call to Action from Earthjustice Because Together We CAN Change Our Future!

Just in case you didn't get this delivered into your inbox, I wanted to share a very important message from Earthjustice that you need to read and then act upon which can really change our future.

Dear Shane,
Imagine a day when expectant parents can paint their nurseries, stock them with playthings and baby supplies—all with the security of knowing that each and every chemical in those products has been tested for health effects and found safe for their newborn. Or when we can move about our daily lives without worrying about carcinogens and hormone disruptors lurking in our kitchenware and mattresses.

Today, on April 15, with the introduction of the Safe Chemicals Act, Congress has taken us one step closer to that day.

The law, introduced in Congress by Senator Frank Lautenberg (D-NJ) and Congressmen Bobby Rush (D-IL) and Henry Waxman (D-CA), is landmark legislation that will overhaul the way government protects people from toxic chemicals.

Click here to protect American families from toxic chemicals in products, and ask your members of Congress to co-sponsor and strengthen the Safe Chemicals Act.

The Safe Chemicals Act goes a long way towards bringing our failing chemical management system into the 21st century. It puts our health first, provides better information to businesses, and helps the average consumer avoid toxic chemicals in everyday products.

This important bill has room for improvement, and with your help we're confident it can be fixed. We want to work with Congress to strengthen the bill to make it harder for new harmful chemicals to enter the marketplace.

Many people across the country have been asking for real reform in Washington: "I shouldn't need a degree in chemistry in order to shop for my children. All of the changes we made in our family life are important—but they are not enough. And that makes me mad. So now I am an advocate for chemical policy reform." (Elizabeth Arndorfer, Palo Alto, California)

Many of you have joined Elizabeth and have started to use your purchasing power to shift businesses away from using dangerous toxic chemicals. But relying on the market to correct itself won't result in the protection we need. We need to overhaul the national law to keep our health and the environment safe from the ubiquitous use of toxic chemicals.

Since the possibility to reform our nation's broken chemical law is a once-in-a-generation opportunity we need to you to ask your members of Congress to co-sponsor and strengthen some of the provisions listed above.

Please email your members of Congress and ask them co-sponsor and strengthen the Safe Chemicals Act today.

Make your voice heard in support of reform that will make chemicals and products safer, invest in a new economy with good American jobs, and reap the benefits that chemistry has fostered in our daily lives without harming our health or the environment.

Thanks for taking action and joining the millions of Americans who are working together for a safer and healthier future.
— Earthjustice
Because the earth needs a good lawyer

Okay folks this will take you  literally three minutes.  Can you spare the time to make change?

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