Aspartame Killed His Wife? Is this a Joke? I'm Certainly Not Laughing

Aspartame killed his wife?  Are you wondering if this is a joke?  I'm certainly not laughing and I ask you to become a more informed consumer about the artificial sweetener called Aspartame.  Many of you may know that I started this blog after I was told I had Multiple Sclerosis which miraculously disappeared after I stopped ingesting large amounts of Aspartame in Crystal Light.  Obviously I think there is a benefit to all of us if we stop ingesting this poison; better cognition, fewer headaches, less numbness and tingling...

I have a friend who used to drink a ton of diet coke every single day.  Two years ago she had paralysis on her face which was unexplained.  She cut down on Diet Coke but just can't give the stuff up.  Who knows what will happen to her?  Do your homework and get informed.  For God's sake stop letting your kids drink diet soda and chew gum full of Aspartame!!!  Please get a little more information about Aspartame by watching this video and then decide whether or not you think there are dangers involved from ingesting this artificial sweetener.

This video was produced by Mike Hanson and won an Austin Access TV award for best interview.   

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