We're Living Green...Do You Want to Live Green Too? Fun and Easy Ways You and Your Kids Can Help Gulf Coast Wildlife, Habitats and Communities Affected by the BP Oil Spill

If you follow me on Twitter you were probably inundated today with updates about my three daughters and their lemonade stand to benefit the NWF's (National Wildlife Federation) gulf coast oil spill restoration fund.  Too bad, so sad, here is some more inundation...you see I just cannot get enough of helping my kids find ways to help our planet. 

My girls love to spend time on the coast and in the Gulf of Mexico.  Reece, Lex and Hay-Jay love our beach excursions which always seem to involve wildlife.  We love our Moochie dolphin and I remember an incident that happened when we were in the Gulf which has made it into the Shirley-Smith family memory book.  Once, when we were boating way out in the Gulf of Mexico, we decided to get out of the boat, hang out on the sandbar and go swimming.  My husband stepped on a conch.  When he picked it up to show it to all of us, the silly thing spit on us!  As you can see, The Gulf of Mexico is like home to my family and it breaks all of our hearts to think of what the BP oil spill has done (and will do) to our Gulf Coast wildlife friends.  My kids felt like they had to do something to help out in the Gulf Coast restoration and I was ready and willing to help out.

So today Reece, Lexie Lou and Hayden-Jay sold full cups of lemonade (made with real sugar and without HFCS (High Fructose Corn Syrup)) and served it in 20% post-consumer recycled cups for $1 and half full cups for $.50.  Initially, my girls were planning to donate just a portion of their profits from the lemonade stand to the NWF oil spill fund but it started raining after only a couple of hours so they decided to give all of their profit.  They made $10 and the check is ready to go into the mail to NWF as my two older girls quickly wrote a note to include with the check and they already popped it into an envelope!  Check out the one minute video above and watch the little one destroy an iPod...just kidding.  Watch the video and hear how excited they were to be doing something to make a difference. 

For fun and easy ways you and your kids can help Gulf Coast wildlife, habitats and communities affected by the BP oil spill, please check out the NWF's Ways to Help Gulf Coast Wildlife page for ideas to raise funds, donate time and make a difference.  You can even help out with a Tweet-A-Thon or by simply playing games!  The creators of the My Zoo game on Facebook have already helped people to raise over $30,000!!

Have you already helped out in the Gulf Coast Recovery efforts?  If you have, I would love to hear about it.  Please leave your message below, give me a Tweet or post to our Facebook Group!! 

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