How Publix Supermarkets is Making a Trip to the Grocery Store a Lot Greener for your Little Munchkins

If you have kids, chances are you know the drill.  "Mommy can I have a cookie at the bakery? Please, please, please!!!"  I hate to buy cookies for my kids at the Publix bakery because they contain partially hydrogenated fats (which I am not a big fan of and try to limit) but they always get me to give in on the free cookie offered for kids at the bakery.  Well imagine my surprise when I walked over with them and saw this...

In addition to the choice of a free banana for a snack instead of a cookie, I also loved the section of pre-packaged, healthy lunch options for kids that Jay has placed in the front of the store!!

One of the first things shoppers see when they enter my local Publix Market is a display of Publix pre-packaged healthy lunch options for kids.  My amazing Publix and its #1 manager, Jay Thompson, is doing this and more to offer my community here in Orlando little ways to help our kids live greener, healthier lives. 

Although there were cookies on one side of the display, the rest of the choices were fruits, Buddy Fruits and meals like turkey wraps, carrots and my favorite juice for my kids, Apple & Eve Fruitables!!  If you are short on time and looking for healthy lunch options for your child (or even yourself), Publix hits the mark with this offering.  Although there are some things like the little Hawwian sweet roll sandwiches which have partially hydrogenated fats, the effort is a step in the right direction and I adore our Publix for doing this.

I wondered if these greener choices for kids were being offered at all Publix Supermarkets so I called to ask.  Within an hour (I love Publix as they are sooo amazing with their customer service no matter what you need) someone got back to me and their answer to my question kind of surprised me.  Apparently this is just something that is being done at our local Publix!  What a bummer for the rest of the shoppers at all of the other Publix Supermarkets.   My Lexie jumped at the chance to get a banana instead of a cookie, although Hayden-Jay still chose a cookie.

So yummy in her tummy and no sugar buzz to deal with while shopping!

So I give props to my favorite Publix store manager, Jay Thompson, and I ask the question to the Publix big wigs, "When are you going to roll these offerings out in your other 1,015 stores in Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, Tennessee and Alabama?" 

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