I do the Best I can to get my Kids to Love Healthy Foods and Drinks...but I can Only do so Much!

On vacation last week my hubby bought my 4 year old, Hayden-Jay, a cool Belly Washer drink in a neat bottle with Strawberry Shortcake on top and a Popsicle.  I was kind of mad at him because I just knew they both had a ton of bad things like artificial colors and sweeteners in them.  He is always giving them crap to eat and drink as he is not quite as careful about what they ingest as I am.  So when I checked the ingredients on the Belly Washer, I was surprised to find that it was 100% fruit juice and contained absolutely no artificial anything.  The Popsicle was another story as it was pure crap.  Now I don't mind my kids eating pure crap once in a while, I mean we were on vacation, but what really surprised me was my daughter's reaction to her treats...

Already in her little 4 year old mind, healthy equals yucky.  :(  

There are some drinks that are healthy for her that she loves like Apple & Eve Fruitables, milk and water and she really loves the all fruit popsicles too.  Still, I wonder what else I could do to get her to equate healthy with good.  Do you go through struggles with your kids when it comes to getting them to eat healthy food and drinks?  Please share with me so I can pick up a few pointers for my little Hay-Jay. 

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