My Latest Green Read...Farmer Jane - Women Changing the Way We Eat by Temra Costa

This summer I have had a huge reading list and this book really stands out among those I have read.  Not only do I love Temra Costa's book because of the 30 stories of inspiring women changing the way we eat, I also love it because it was a transformative read.  I asked Temra Costa why she wrote Farmer Jane and she said, "Because women's stories need to be told. Also, I wrote it to educate and inspire action and change in our food system."

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There are so many great tips on how a woman (or a man) can find easy ways to provide her family with healthy, whole, local and sustainable foods, that I came away from reading the book with a feeling that I can and should feed my family better foods through knowing my farmer, protecting my local farmer's way of life and supporting locally sourced food production.
Each of the books chapters focuses on the areas of change that women are leveraging to bring greater sustainability back to our plates.  Every chapter features profiles of women and ends with "Recipes for Action" which give actionable steps to help us follow through with the concepts discussed - ideas for how you as a farmer, eater or an owner/employee of a food business can join in.

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I cannot tell you how much I learned through reading this book!  Check out the "true Cost of Food" on page 35 and tell me it isn't eye opening to you.  The other ideas that emerged from this book that I found helpful were the main theme that women are powerful in their choices for feeding their families.  We can "vote with our fork", as Temra says and truly change the future of not only agriculture, but our future generations as well.

I highly recommend picking up this book.  It is a quick, easy read that, much like the movie Food, Inc, will give you a new thought process and direction when it comes to food.  I know it is in bookstores but if you want to order online, you can get more information by clicking the picture of the book above. 

I also recommend following along with Temra's Blog.  Tons of timely info on the sustainable food revolution!

Next I will be reading, This Borrowed Earth - by Robert Emmet Hernan...will let you know what I think!

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