Think Eco-friendly Shoes are U-G-L-Y? Meet Naya and Get Your Sexy Green On!

Hi all!  I hope you are having a groovy green day and are ready to get your sexy green on because I am!  I had the pleasure of getting my hands on a pair of Eco-friendly Naya Juniper Boots from their new 2010 Fall Line "Beautiful Bows" collection.  Okay so I admit it and you can probably guess, I am a girlie girl who, even at 42, still loves to wear bows so these hot boots are adorable.  Still, I like to feel and look sexy and I think these Junipers fit the bill, don't you? 

See?  Green shoes do not have to equal ugly!  These Junipers are nothing but sweet and sexy green style.

Like I said, this Juniper is part of the “Beautiful Bows” collection and only a part of the hot, new, green looks for their 2010 line. This Juniper boot is suede and smooth leather and I think comes in not only this tan color but you can also get it in taupe and black. Some of the upper leather, the bows and linings are vegetable tanned. The out soles are made with natural materials, comprised of cork and rice husk. The lining fabrics are made from recycled content for comfort and breathability and the heel itself is made from raw-stacked leather for a relaxed, natural look.

Will someone please stop me the next time I want to wear this top? 

So like I said in the video (you did watch right?), the only drawback I can find with these Juniper boots is that because they are very well made and will last forever, you will pay a bit more.  Not a huge negative huh?  They will last you for years and your investment of $250 will pay off as you wear them over and over and over again!  I have seen Naya shoes for under $50 and up and I like almost all of their designs.  Naya's Eco-designers are right on the mark and in some instances, ahead of the design trends.  Ladies from their teens and beyond will fall in love with Naya's Eco-friendly style.

Click the pic above and you will find direct links to choose and buy your fav Naya shoes!
Don't worry about buying online as the sizing with these Junipers was true to my size 9 foot.  They felt amazing and so cushy.  For a heel so high, I could not believe how comfy they were.  With my bad backi had surgery at 21) I did not feel a bit of discomfort after wearing them for a few hours.  I felt like I could do all of my work and mommy running around all day in these Nayas!  I think they are a great find for ladies of all ages.

The consensus is...these Naya Juniper Boots are a green, style hit for women of all ages! To follow @Naya on Twitter just click the pic above.
So check out Naya and keep your eyes open for more ways to get your green on and share with us below any groovy, green designs you love. 

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