Making New Green Friends (NOT), Why my Husband is a Moron and How to Move Beyond the Reusable Bag and Really Live Green

So my weekend was totally hectic with the girls cheerleading for Pop Warner Football all day Saturday.  I know I was a cheerleader in HS but this Pop Warner crap is ridiculous.  I mean seriously they take it like it is flipping the most important thing in the world; practice Tuesday, Tumbling Wednesday, practice again Thursday and Friday.  God how I remember looking forward to going out on Friday and now I look forward to my taxi mom duties...NOT!  Then I have to sit through two games on Saturday, which are of course never back to back, because I have a Junior Pee Wee and a Midget or some crap like that.  Well at least this week at the game I think I made some new green friends.  Well, actually I am being facetious.  I really don't think I  made any new friends. 

I think other moms are perplexed by me. They do not understand how I can not allow my kids to eat the nasty lollipops they give out after every game or why I did not want my girls to eat a disgusting artificially colored and flavored cupcake after cheering in the heat for 2 hours.  They think I am a freak of nature.  One mom said, "Oh yea, she won't let her kids eat anything good."  Well you know what I felt like saying was "Why is everyone acting like what I am doing is bad?" but what I said was, "Oh they can eat anything they want when they around me in moderation except aspartame.  When their father is around that is another story.  He lets them eat anything."   Then another mom asked me why I am so strict and another mom told me that her kids would never get fed if it wasn't for the McDonald's drive through. 

People I can relate and like I always say, "In my quest to live healthy and green I am not perfect."  Still, no matter what, there are no excuses for not trying.  I wish I could find a way to let these ladies know in a two minute sound bite why they should come over to the green side and try to live healthier.  It just doesn't work like that, though, as it takes time to get educated about living green.  Take my moron of a husband for instance.  The man knows I do not want harmful pesticides on my lawn and he agreed to that two years ago.  Now it seems that as our lawn is totally dying, he has gone back on his commitment. 

I am in the kitchen yesterday and start smelling a horrid smell.  I go out to the garage and call, "Ron!  Ronnie!  Where are you?"  He was hiding from me but he couldn't hide the smell.  I finally found him, with a look on his face much like when the girls sneak a piece of aspartame filled gum,  dumping toxic pesticides on our lawn.  I absolutely flipped out and turned into a crazy person screaming at him.  I am sure it was great fodder for our neighbors.  But seriously?  I can still smell the chemicals when I walk outside.  Let's see, fertility problems, cancer, Parkinson's and so many more awful illnesses are being connected to pesticides and my husband dumps them on our lawn.  It will be great for our well water I am sure huh?

Oh people, it is certainly a struggle to live green and even more of a struggle to help get people educated and on board.  That is why I was more than happy when I was asked by my new friend, Debra Atlas, to write a guest post  for her green consumer blog about the importance of living green through consumer choices.   I really wanted to share the post I wrote with you guys about moving beyond the reusable bag and really living green and hope you run over and take a quick peek.

TTYS - Shane

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