What's in the New All Natural, Low-Calorie Sweetener Called Susta? We Know it's an Alternative to Nutrasweet and Equal (Both Made with Unhealthy Aspartame), but is Susta Safe and What's in it Anyway?

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-After what happened to me with aspartame, I checked Susta out thoroughly.  I have spoken at length with (and trust) the folks at Susta and they are absolutely impassioned about bringing a safe, low calorie, all natural sweetener to consumers!
-I love the way Susta sweetens but has absolutely no after taste
-Only 5 calories per pack!
-I have a major sweet tooth and I use two packs to sweeten a big cup of iced green tea
-Safe and natural
-When I am out, I always have packs in my purse
-I appreciate the added benefit of inulin fiber to help with immunity
-Stable for cooking or use in hot drinks
-Bulk size (called Sustabowl)  for cooking coming soon!

SUSTA 100% natural, low calorie Sweetener is a safe alternative to aspartame filled Equal and Nutrasweet.  It's a blend of non-caloric ingredients that can put the “brakes” on higher glycemic foods or beverages from adversely effecting your blood sugar. I just love it and use it now for my entire family. Notice the first ingredient listed on the label above?  I love the inulin fiber (which acts as a pro-biotic) that is included as it is a staple for my family in strengthening our immunity and fending off illness.  I am always looking for ways to add it to my family's diet and Susta makes it simple.  Susta is high in fiber, with nutrients and minerals, and has no added trans or hydrogenated fats. Susta is great energy and nutrition for your heart, bones, and immune system.

It really tames your body's glycemic index which is a measurement of how much a given food can influence your blood sugar. When you eat a meal, the foods in that meal may be a combination of high and low glycemic foods. Mixing high and low glycemic foods will have a roller coaster, huge up and down, effect on your blood sugar levels. This leads to those low energy crashes and high energy spikes you may experience in your life.  SUSTA Natural Sweetener works by helping to balance and tame higher glycemic foods naturally, which stops blood sugar spiking and crashes...see why this would be a great sweetener for kids too?  No more sugar rush tantrums and crashes!

The Problem:

Is there a problem? Yes! There is an alarming explosion of obesity and type 2 diabetes undermining the health and vitality of not only millions of adult Americans, but rising in our younger people as well. This health crisis is a largely preventable risk that is linked to too little exercise, too many daily calories, too much sugar, sugar laced foods and beverages right?

The SUSTA Natural Sweetener Solution:

Your sweet-tooth does not have to get you or your family into trouble. SUSTA Natural Sweetener is like a sugar-shield in your foods. SUSTA Natural Sweetener works with your body naturally to help tame and transform problem-making, fast absorbing sugars and carbohyrates, into slower absorbing, healthier protected energy. SUSTA Natural Sweetener provides vital dietary fiber, antioxidants and key cellular nutrients that are needed for a smoother running, more calorie efficient metabolism. And importantly, SUSTA Natural Sweetener nutrition supports the health of your bones, heart, and immune system.

When a friend of mine told me about it on Twitter, I was skeptical.  A couple of months and a lot of investigation later, I trust Susta completely.  Give it a try and let me know what you think.  It is really amazing.

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