Orlando Goes Green with its New Amway Center - First NBA Facility to Earn LEED Certification

So there was a ton of hoopla around my town last weekend surrounding the opening of the new $380 million home to the Orlando Magic, the Amway Center in Orlando.  I wasn't able to make it, but thought I would check out their site and see what's in store for me at the new arena the next time I watch my Magic kick basketball booty.  Imagine my surprise when I saw that the Amway Center is the first NBA facility to earn LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) new construction certification from the U.S. Green Building Council!  This is a tremendous accomplishment and, unless I am missing something, I am exceedingly amazed that the Orlando Magic Marketing team has remained silent on sharing this news.

Obviously I am interested in the fact that the mammoth venue is helping Orlando to go green, but I am certain that others in the city would be pleased as punch to hear the news too.  With green features like storm-water runoff management, energy-efficient building and lighting systems, recycled materials and sustainable elements, the arena will use 20% less energy and 40% less water than arenas of similar size. Now that's an Eco- message worth sharing and bragging about right?

Amway Center “green” features include:
    * Preferred parking for hybrids and other energy-efficient vehicles
    * High-efficiency heating and cooling systems
    * Ultra-low-flow toilets
    * A reflective and insulated roof that will reduce cooling costs
    * High-tech monitoring systems that will shut off the lights when a room is empty
    * Bicycle racks, showers and changing rooms for workers who bike to work
    * Systems to treat storm runoff before it can pollute nearby lakes
    * Recycling bins for fans and concert goers
    * Additionally, many of the points that went toward LEED certification for the Amway Center were earned during construction. For example, of the facility’s building materials, 15 percent are recycled and 20 percent come from local sources. About 83 percent of the wood, concrete and steel construction waste has been recycled rather than sent to a landfill.

I say, "Way to go Orlando and our beloved Magic!"  The 2010-2011 NBA season is just getting started and we are already proud of the job your doing for Orlando. 

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