My Night with the Grateful Dead's Jerry Garcia

In the 90's, when I was in college, it seemed that everyone was totally into the Grateful Dead.  I was never really a Dead Head, (they were so funny though with their "Peanut butter, honey and banana sandwiches"), but decided to go to a concert at the urging of my friends.  What a night that was.  It started off with me as the designated driver which was turned out to be both very good and very bad. I didn't drink and drive which came in helpful on the way to the concert when I crashed my car and the police showed up. 

The rest of the evening was less than stellar and the ride home, with 8 people smashed into my friend's car, was a little too much togetherness for me.  What stands out most in my memories of that evening is the fabulous combination of the Grateful Dead's melodies against the backdrop of the most beautiful starry sky.  The concert was outside and with the music and that lovely, clear Michigan night, I had a great feeling of oneness with the planet.  No I did not drop acid or shrooms to get that feeling.  I was just a very young girl with the world at her feet, listening to music like no other and I felt like it was all so very precious.  I was right.

I am not sure how I missed the fact that Jerry Garcia was such an avid Environmentalist.  The Grateful Dead used their global influence to advance environmental concerns like saving the rainforest as well as other charitable causes.  When this clip was sent to me by Grateful Dead filmaker Len Dell'Amico's folks, I had to share.  If unlikely characters like Jerry Garcia and the Grateful Dead did their part and shared their desire to save the planet, can't we? 

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