Pledge an Act of Green to Enter the Earth Day Network's Billion Acts of Green Smart Car Giveaway!

 Pledge an Act of Green to Enter the Billion Acts of Green Smart Car Giveaway!

It so simple for you to live a little greener and enter to win a smart car.  The Earth Day Network's Billion Acts of Green Campaign is about acting individually, thinking globally and collectively making a difference.  The campaign has already generated over 42 million Acts of Green.  The positive impact on our planet is staggering and they've only just begun.  Now they need you!

The folks at the Earth Day Network think acts of environmental service should be rewarded.  So, if you pledge an Act of Green today they will reward you with a chance to win one of two efficient, Rally Red SMART CARS!  The goal is to bring sustainability into the lives millions of individuals across the nation.

There is absolutely no catch to enter and win.  Just read the rules to make sure you qualify and then complete your act of kindness to enter.  Whether you decide to switch to CFL lighting, plant a tree or organize a community cleanup, your act matters.  Remember, every new Act of Green is an act of good, so please help  maximize the positive impact of the sweepstakes.  Take a few extra seconds to spread the word about the new sweepstakes after you enter.   

The winner will be announced in January.  Good luck!

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