Yo'...FarmVille is so Yesterday. It's Time to Take an eMission with Sophia Bush and Play for a Chance to Win a $2,000 Scholarship!

Yo'...FarmVille is so yesterday.  It's time to take an eMission with Sophia Bush and play for a chance to win a $2,000 scholarship!   
This week, DoSomething.org teamed up with the US Environmental Protection Agency's "Energy Star" program to launch a totally new and groundbreaking social game on Facebook designed to motivate teens to take environmental actions.  The game, called eMission, is designed so that gamers can only level up if they take on real life actions to reduce greenhouse gas emissions—such as running a recycling drive at school,  powering down computers when they're not being used, planting a tree, taking shorter showers (hope my 13 year old takes that challenge) or changing an old light bulb to an energy-efficient ENERGY STAR qualified CFL.  Ah, but there is a twist.

The real genius with eMission is that a player’s offline actions must be verified by friends or by submitting photographic evidence.  I am so loving this game already!  Think of the pictures these kids will post!!

“Teens are using Facebook every single day―posting pictures, chatting with friends, writing on each other’s walls―but most significantly, they are spending half of their time on Facebook playing games,” said DoSomething.org COO Aria Finger. “We are thrilled that we can partner with top environmental and social games experts to use this platform to mobilize teens offline around energy efficiency.”

DoSomething.org tapped the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s ENERGY STAR program for their environmental expertise and enlisted actress and eco-activist Sophia Bush as the campaign's spokesperson.  Eco activist and One Tree Hill star Sophia Bush jumped at the chance to be involved with the game and the campaign to fight climate change and save energy.  Bush stars in a few PSA's for eMission and encourages teens to take a break from building their farm towns and fighting crime lords, and instead play a game that involves taking action to help the environment and increase energy efficiency.

I really love that eMission participants can enter for a chance to win one of five $2,000 scholarships for their energy efficiency efforts, and other great prizes like signed DoSomething.org swag.   Starting in December, DoSomething.org will be launching eMission scholarships for people who play the game well and save lots of energy in their lives. Can you say Eco-awesome?  I knew you could.

You can play eMission on Facebook  and find more information at DoSomething.org.  If you Tweet, give DoSomething.org a follow and be sure to catch up with them on YouTube

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