How Chinese Martial Artist and International Film Star Jet Li Teaches His Children a Green Living Lesson

If you are looking for a great, educational and fun gift for children ages 4-8, the Hop-A-Long series is a great find!

I got a message from one of my Environmental Booty suppliers the other day and I thought it was so cool I had to share.  Apparently their Hop-A-Long Series, one of my favorite green finds for kids aged 4-8,  is a hit with Chinese Martial Artist, International Film Star and father Jet Li... 

"My family had so much fun watching the Hop-A-Long's Schoolhouse DVD.  The humorous-but-informative format is an excellent way of imparting lessons and life values that children of this age need to be aware of. This is a valuable tool in helping form this generation's "little heroes".  To Hop-A-Long Productions-I salute you for this wonderful production".
Environmental responsibility is not just a fashionable and trendy thing these days, it is a life lesson worth teaching our children.  "Hop-A-Long's Schoolhouse" uses fun educational principles in a fun and hilariously engaging format to help children understand the need to care for both the local and global environment.  A percentage of the proceeds from the sale of each DVD go to support the "Go Green Initiative" which is a non-profit organization that emphasizes a comprehensive environmental program to schools across the world.

Your children will grow and learn as they read and sing along.  By the way, the DVD packaging and all "Hop-A-Long's Schoolhouse" products are made with recycled products, so they live the message that they communicate to kids.   Very cool.

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