Red Hot Gisele Bündchen and Her New AOL Kid's Green Team

Real Life Red Hot and a Totally Green Caricature
We all know Gisele Bündchen  is red hot but you may not know just how green she is.  For years she has been donating proceeds from the sale of her flip flops to various environmental causes and after a trip in 2004 to the Amazon she knew she had to do something.  It was after the trip to the Amazon that she found a deep respect for how the people treated their environment. After seeing how many children were getting sick from pesticide use and seeing the deforestation which was occurring, she decided to take action.

"I was like: Oh my God. What am I going to do? I felt so small. I have to help these people."

Part of her mission to help our earth and it's people involves lending her image as a cartoon super hero for the planet in a new AOL Kids called Gisele and the Green Team.  The cartoon is a part of the new site within AOL Kids (which Gisele helped design) which will reinforce the green-friendly and girl-power messages of the show.  The 26 episode series follows a group of young ladies, headed up by Gisele, who moonlight as environmental superheroes.

When asked if her husband, NFL Patriot's quarterback Tom Brady, had any plans of joining the series, Bündchen  said, “I would love for him to. Hey, let’s put him in there, too – put him to work. He’s got to help save the planet. Not only girls need to do the work. Hello! Men also need to do the work, right?

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Source Credits: NY Times, EcoRazzi 
Photo Credit: Luiz C. Ribeiro/Brazil Foundation, Via Associated Press; A2 Entertainment/ NY Times

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