How Top Green Celebrities Live their Eco-friendly Lives to the Fullest

Cute, bubbly and as green as Kermit.  Diaz was one of the first celebs to go green  on the road as she purchased a Prius early on.
  1. Brad Pitt  - Mr Brangelina has quite a few green credentials under his belt...right?  After Hurricane Katrina, Brad showed his commitment to people and planet through helping to rebuild New Orleans.  Using green technologies and materials, Pitt's  Make It Right Foundation is building 150 houses in the decimated 9th Ward.   In March 2009, Pitt even met with President Obama to discuss federally funding green housing projects.  Plus, you may not know that he is the voice of PBS’s e2 series on environmentally sound design. 
  2. Cameron Diaz - Cute, bubbly and as green as Kermit.  Diaz was one of the first celebs to go green  on the road as she purchased a Prius early on.  Diaz also encourages Eco-travel on her MTV series Trippin’ and all travel related to the show was offset by purchasing carbon credits.  She also helped kick off 2007’s Live Earth concert series with her friend, and one of my favorite green geeks, Al Gore.
  3. Leonardo DiCaprio -  Hot boy DiCaprio drives a hybrid car and has solar panels on his house. Back in 2007, DiCaprio wrote, produced and narrated the Eco-documentary "The 11th Hour" and he also started the Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation which support environmentally friendly initiatives.
  4. Rachel McAdams - Along with two of her friends, Rachel started a green living website full of tips and Eco-savings called Green is Sexy.  Uh and so is she right?
  5. Ted Danson - Danson was green before green was mainstream.  Decades ago, Danson actually started his own organization to fight ocean pollution called the American Oceans Campaign. When AOC merged with Oceana in 2002, his support for the nonprofit dedicated to fighting ocean pollution, continued. 
  6. Alicia Silverstone - Silverstone's  Eco Achievements include living in an Eco-friendly house (with organic veggie garden) in Los Angeles with a pack of rescued dogs. She created her own line of natural cosmetics, she’s vegan, and the author of The Kind Diet – and oh, did I mention she’s a big fan of the nudist lifestyle?   In 2007 Silverstone made was so comfortable in her green skin that she posed naked for a PETA ad and video.
  7. Orlando Bloom - Bloom has been a part of environmental company Global Green for several years, and renovated his home with solar panels. He also drives a hybrid car.  In 2009, Bloom participated in the “Australia Unites” fundraiser to benefit victims of Australian bushfires. Bloom also wrote an essay, "A Call to Action" that appeared in the book Antarctica.
  8. Natalie Portman - Like Silverstone, Natalie is a longtime vegetarian and animal-rights activist. She is also a longtime supporter of the Foundation for International Community Assistance, a microfinance organization that helps poor women around the world. In 2007, she traveled to Rwanda with zoologist Jack Hanna to film a documentary about endangered gorillas and the same year, she designed a line of vegan shoes for Te Casan; profits were donated to environmental organizations. She is one busy green girl!
  9. Woody Harrelson - From what I hear, aside from being an advocate for the green (the kind you smoke) he's a dedicated environmentalist and a staunch vegan.  He refused to eat real Twinkies during the filming of his movie Zombieland and instead, he ate homemade vegan cornmeal Twinkies.   In 1996 Harrelson protested a lumber company’s logging of ancient redwood trees by climbing the Golden Gate Bridge and shutting down traffic was shut down for more than six hours.  In 2009 he received an honorary degree from York University for his contributions to environmentalism and sustainability and for almost 10 years, he ran the Eco-friendly Website Voice Yourself.
  10. Hayden Panettiere - Panettiere is a huge animal-rights activist and has participated in anti-whaling and dolphin-hunting protests. In 2007, she joined with anti-whaling ship Sea Shepherd to confront a group of Japanese fishermen on a dolphin hunting trip and can be seen briefly in the documentary The Cove.  In 2008 she approached the Norwegian ambassador to the United States and handed him a letter of protest calling for Norway to stop its whaling activities. She is one gutsy green girl!
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Source: The Daily Green
Photo Credit: The Daily Green/James Devaney / WireImage

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