Just How Safe are Pesticides Anyway? That Green Lawn and Pest Free Home Come at a Cost to Your Health and our Environmental Health. Why you Need Natural and Organic Pest Control

Just how safe are pesticides anyway?  Have you ever wondered?  I know I have a huge concern about how pesticides affect our health and our environmental health.  Well three new studies are making it clear to consumers that we need to get more information on natural and organic pest control.  That green lawn you are so proud of and that pest free home you need may come at a cost to your health and our environmental health.
If you are ready to switch to non-toxic pest control options but aren't sure where to start, I have done the groundwork for you!  I know it can be confusing to go to the big box stores to search out the best options for affordable, safe and non-toxic pest control.  Seriously, who has time to run all over town trying to find products you think are safe for you, your family and our planet.  Let's make this easy peasy!

I have partnered with Greenlivingeveryday.com  and  BuyGreen.com which I think are two of the best sources for affordable natural pest control.  Check out these green pest finds and choose the safe, natural and organic products you need to stay pest free!
    Check out the links above, get informed and take action in your own home to fight the toxic effects of pesticides. 
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      Picture Credit: Scientific American

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