Portland Goes Green...Set to Ban Wearing Perfume, Cologne and Scented Personal Care Products in City Hall

Employees at Portland City Hall may soon get an update to their employee handbook...NO MORE STINKY PERFUME!  Watch the action LIVE!
It seems that Portland City Hall is considering going green; or at least going greener as they work to create higher indoor air quality for employees.  It seems that during a December 2010 discussion with city employees and union leaders about banning personal care scents in Portland's City Hall, the idea was so well received that the city is taking action.  On Wednesday, the City Council will discuss amending its human resources rules to discourage employees from using personal scented products in the workplace where the “sole purpose is to emit a fragrance such as perfume, aftershave and cologne and to avoid the use of strongly scented powder, deodorant and other personal hygiene products.”

If you think this is wacked, watch this...

The federal indoor air quality regulations say that employers should not allow heavy fragrances in the work place that could trigger asthma attacks and allergic reactions.


Update 2-16-11

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Source: Portland Tribune
Picture Source: GreenBabyGuide.com

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