Company That Develops Eco-friendly Chemicals Gets $200K Grant

Such good news, I had to share!  A cutting-edge company leading the charge to develop more environmentally friendly chemicals has been awarded a $200,000 grant to help grow its business in Missoula, Montana.  Rivertop Renewables announced Monday it will receive the money from the state's Big Sky Economic Development Trust Fund to purchase advanced chemical and engineering equipment. The grant was awarded through the city of Missoula and will be administered over two years.

Rivertop chief financial officer Jere Kolstad said that the money will  help the company more than double its work force and obviously that is very good news.  But the good news for consumers and our planet really is in the progressive chemistry they are using to create safer consumer products.   Using technology innovated by Don Kiely during his time as a University of Montana chemistry professor, Rivertop is perfecting a process that allows large-scale production of biochemicals and bio-products made from simple plant sugars.

Building block chemicals made from plant sugars are refined to feed a swelling stream of safe bioproducts. Widespread use of renewable chemicals can reduce toxicity in the environment.

Bravo Rivertop Renewables!  Can't wait to see what you have in store for consumers...

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